YouTube will soon Support 360 Video Uploads

Interesting news for hotels with the announcement that YouTube will soon support 360 degree video uploads directly on their platform. This could mean that hotels can start taking advantage of this opportunity by uploading 360 footage of the interior of their hotel, theoretically allowing potential guests to experience the hotel before they even arrive.

360 degree video

Combined with the rise of Virtual Reality headsets like the Facebook-owned Occulus Rift, users can virtually experience a hotel even before making any booking. This could provide a very interesting opportunity for hotel marketers looking to gain a competitive-edge over their rivals.

Oculus rift for hotels

Read more about the announcement from Google/YouTube here.

  1. Could be quite an interesting development, I imagine a lot of hotels would want to show their hotel in full 3D to guests before they book their stay…

  2. Yes, agreed Shaun – especially with new tools like the Oculus Rift on the market. We’ll have to see how the hotel industry reacts…

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