Why your hotel should be using Facebook retargeting to increase its bookings

Many hotels may feel that by carrying out remarketing on the Google AdWords network via PPC marketing, they’re being pro-active and covering all bases. That’s very true, and remarketing to previous visitors who didn’t complete a booking, or didn’t perform a pre-defined action on your hotels website is something we recommend to all of our clients. However it’s not all that can be done – and this involves making use of Facebook.

Facebook is obviously a massive market, and is seen as a huge rival to Google’s dominance. The majority of people who have access to the Internet will be spending large amounts of time on the social network, and so by retargeting to previous visitors through Facebook you can maximise the chances that people will see your adverts.

Using Facebook for retargeting

Setting up a retargeting campaign on Facebook for previous website visitors is quite a simple task and works in very much the same way as Google retargeting. Facebook provides tracking code which needs to be installed on all pages of the hotel website, and this code is then utilised by Facebook to serve ads to your pre-defined audience.

Your pre-defined audience is known within Facebook as your custom audience. This is something which you define, based upon rules. For your retargeting it’s likely that your rule would be “visitors to pages on your hotel website whom didn’t visit the booking confirmation page” – so people who didn’t complete their reservation online.

The cost of remarketing on Facebook works in the same way as Google AdWords – it’s done on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, so only when users click on the advert which takes them through to your website. Views of your advert are therefore free.

Recommendations for retargeting banners

The Newsfeed placement will give your ads much more exposure, as this is where most users focus is whilst on their Facebook page. This placement makes the ad appear naturally, so the user should give it more attention then the other placement opportunity – which is the right-hand railbar. The Newsfeed placement is understandably more expensive than the right-hand railbar, and it’s worth experimenting with both to find those that work best for your hotel.

Different creatives, offers and placements will work differently for your own hotel so don’t be afraid to experiment. Of most importance is the offer you include in your advert – don’t just display a standard hotel image and text describing your hotel, because that won’t have the same impact. The user should have already been on your site, so should be well-versed in what your offering. What they need is a compelling reason to come back and complete a booking – such as a free voucher in your restaurant, or a £10 discount on their booking. Getting great adverts designed is of huge importance, as is creative use of writing your ad text.

Does your hotel participate in retargeting on Facebook already? Or are you thinking about trying it out? Let us know by leaving a comment below. We’d be happy to help advise you on a Facebook retargeting strategy – just send us a message.

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