Why your Hotel must offer free WiFi

If your hotel isn’t already offering free WIFI to all of its guests, then it’s really missing a trick. Paying guests shouldn’t be subjected to an extra cost when staying at your hotel, regardless of its star rating. Asking for a payment, or not offering any kind of free WIFI, can frustrate and alienate your guests.

By not offering a free WIFI connection throughout your hotel, you can also be preventing some valuable branding and exposure on social media. Your guests really are your most valuable tool when it comes to your social media marketing, and so depriving them of a WIFI connection could actually be stopping them from sharing photos, from checking-in to Facebook pages, and so forth. Not everybody staying at your hotel will have their own mobile data (many will be visiting from abroad after all) so you’re really shooting yourself in the foot by holding out on free WIFI.

The money saved from not investing in a high-speed WIFI connetion throughout your peoperty will likely pale insigfnicant the value attained from guests social media activity involving your brand, before even taking into account the benefit of providing this service (although we feel providing free WIFI isn’t really going to please guests; it’s something that’s just expected, like a good quality of service at a 5 star hotel. Not providing it is just going to frustrate guests – something no good hotelier wants to do). There’s even a website that now exists which aims to “name and shame” those hotels that either off no internet, or have  a poor speed-rating. You can check on your own hotels connection speed, or on one of your rivals, here – Hotel Wifi Test.

Last summer in a survey by American Express and Skift, it was discovered that 35% of 825 travellers who responded online said free WIFI was the No. 1 facility they looked for when choosing a hotel while on the road for business. Not only is it business travellers that like to have the free internet either though, with holidaymakers also listing it as one of their own top facility-priorities when it comes to choosing a hotel.

Taking Advantage of your own WiFi Facilities

It doesn’t have to be a one-way exchange either. If you really want to milk the free-WIFI service that you’re offering guests, why not make them work a little for it. Some premises offer WIFI but to use it you need to like their page on Facebook, or check-in to their hotel on Facebook. In situations like this, the average traveller probably wouldn’t mind liking your hotel socially anyway, and if that’s what it takes to get onto the WIFI connection then they’ll happily make the trade.

We feel that in this age, if your a hotel that cares about your online presence, offering a free internet in your hotel is a no-brainer. It’s worth the investment in the long-term, and if used tactfully can help to grow your exposure socially too. It’s really not worth the negative-reviews that your brand will undoubtedly get on TripAdvisor and such like by not offering this service free of charge.

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