Why Gmail Sponsored Promotions is such an exciting platform for hotels

Chances are you’ll have heard very little about Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP’s), one of Google’s recent advertising platforms. It’s been a pretty low key affair so far, with GSP’s only being made available to Google Agencies until quite recently.

GSP’s as the name suggests, are adverts based on a users Gmail inbox – so Gmail is the advertising platform, and if your audience doesn’t use Gmail (unlikely) then it’s not worth your time. But with a huge audience, and a massive database of user information, the potential is massive.

How do Gmail Sponsored Promotions work?

As intrusive as it sounds, GSP’s actually read the content of your inbox – emails, senders, and links this to your own demographic information (which you provide when you signed up for Gmail). And these pieces of information are all highly prized by advertisers.

When you’re logged into Gmail on your phone or desktop/laptop, you will sometimes see a yellow ad at the top of your inbox (Primary, Social or Promotions tab). This, unsurprisingly, is a GSP advert, so this is the placement. Advertisers are charged on a cost per click (CPC), so you only get charged when someone actually clicks the ad. Clicking it will expand the advert to take up the users screen, with images, text, forms and videos all possible within the advert. Further interaction on the advert isn’t charged, its just the initial click.

If a user isn’t interested in the advert they can just swipe it away. You can also set frequency caps to prevent bombarding users with irrelevant ads. Google says it automatically rotates adverts if no interaction within a set period of time, although personally I’ve not experienced this despite swiping ads away.

How can my Hotel use GSPS?

There’s a myriad of ways a hotel can make use of this advertising opportunity. How would your sales and marketing team like to target people based on their job title? Maybe this is a really relevant audience for you, especially when combined with their location. Or perhaps you’d like to advertise to people who are members of a specific newsletter – maybe a rival hotels, in order to tempt them to stay with you? Or, maybe most excitingly for airport hotels, why not target a user that has just booked a flight to your city? You can go as granular in your targeting as including flight numbers, so you can be sure that someone travelling to your city is going to be a very relevant person to advertise to. Perhaps showing them a special rate, and focusing on your hotels distance from the airport, would be a way to get their attention.

Another targeting method on the platform is by mailing list. If you have a database of email subscribers which contains 1,000 or more Gmail users, you can actually load this into your advert audience directly. This is similar to the Facebook audience targeting method, and GSPs could be seen as a way to rival the social network giants recent improvements in monetising their network, which as taken a lot of Google’s market share. By loading a database list like this you can really compliment your email marketing campaign, boosting the value of this database.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions are a really interesting advertising opportunity for hotels and ad agencies. They give the more creative and inventive digital marketers an exciting and different way of looking at ad targeting, giving them a way of getting in front of their user before they’re even aware of it. You can get in touch with the Hotel Marketer if you’d be interested in discussing the power of GSPs for your hotel or guest-house.

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