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When it comes to a hotels online presence, the area of most importance has to be the hotel website. This is your hotels official website so it should really convey your hotel brand, just in a digital form. It needs to match the style and feel of your hotel, and obviously needs to be branded in the same style too – with use of logos, colour schemes and so on.

Your website is of such high importance not only because it conveys who or what your hotel is, but because it also provides the platform for people to make room bookings online. By making use of a booking engine your website can enable visitors to arrange and book their stays, freeing up your hotel staff who would have otherwise been dealing with these requests over the phone. Your website should therefore be a huge revenue earner, and so its imperitive that it functions well and really makes people want to stay at your property.

Web design services

At the Hotel Marketer we have access to a range of exclusive, premium website templates which are fully reponsive ensuring they work regardless of which device the user happens to be using at that moment in time. These premium websites are completely customisable and editable, allowing your hotel to style it exactly as it choses, and allowing for the precise features you do or don’t want. Due to the level of customisation thats possible you can be assured that your hotel is going to have a completely unique, memorable and stunning design with online-booking enabled though a booking engine.

We love helping hotels to maximise their web presence and are really proud of the web designs we’re able to supply and install, so if your hotel would like a review of their current site, or if they’d like to discuss getting a new site installed, then just get in touch with us today.

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