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The Hotel Marketer has a wealth of experience in running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search, Display, Remarketing and Video campaigns on Google AdWords for a variety of hotels throughout Europe. Catering for 5 star though to unaccredited hotels and guesthouses in various markets, we can provide you with honest, transparent, revenue-orientated PPC campaigns.

When a client decides to work with us we firstly sit down with them to discuss their PPC objectives and to decide upon a PPC strategy. We can advise on budgets, keywords to target based around your hotels USP’s, before going ahead and creating your PPC campaigns.

We pride ourselves on providing a completely transparent and honest PPC service; we provide regular reports on PPC performance in a clear and concise way, allowing you to focus your time on your own tasks.

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You can find a list of the prices of our various PPC services at the bottom of the page, along with further instructions on working with us.


PPC Search

This is our famous starter-campaign that we recommend for all of our digital marketing clients. It can be as small or large as necessary, and will focus on your brand name and on some key USP’s of your hotels. These campaigns are completely customisable to suit your own budget, and you can expect ROI’s of at least £6 : £1 (for every £1 you invest you can expect to receive £10 back)*

*This is of-course dependant on your hotels room-availability; if you’re not offering room availability on your own hotel website then we can’t deliver you the best results from PPC!

We’re qualified in Google PPC and Bing/Yahoo PPC, and are happy to setup PPC campaigns on either search engine. We’ll discuss this with you and recommend the best search engine for you based on your hotel.


PPC Display

For many hotels we also recommend running PPC Display campaigns on the Google Display network. These are banner ads that are used to showcase your hotel on relevant, high quality sites. We put your hotels imagery in front of your audience, on very prominent websites such as BBC News, and you only pay when someone clicks the ad to visit your site. As a result you get highly targeted, quality traffic, whilst also getting invaluable branding exposure.

We also work with a team of talented designers to provide hotel-specific creatives to use with the Display campaigns – so you don’t need to worry about providing banners for us to use, if you don’t have your own team of designers in-house.


PPC Remarketing

Remarketing or retargetting campaigns are now a valuable part of any hotels PPC strategy. It’s no longer enough to just bring a user to your website; what happens if they don’t convert then and there, how can you try and tempt them back onto the site to complete their booking?
This is where PPC remarketing on Google comes in handy. We can display specific banners to users who arrived on your site, but who didn’t book a room. Typically these banner ads provide an added incentive to compel the user to return to your site and book, and they appear on the Google display network. We can provide high-quality creatives specific to your hotel, completely conversion focused.

Using our own formula for devising and running these retargeting campaigns we’ve managed to obtain consistent results of £4 : £1, and would love to do the same for your hotel.


PPC Video Advertising

A relatively new, yet extremely powerful form of brand-awareness, video advertising on the Google Display Network and YouTube using TrueView ads are a great way to make sure your hotel stands out in what is a very crowded space. A short video advert is a brilliant way to showcase your hotel, and now with some powerful targeting options we can ensure your ad gets watched by exactly the right kind of audience. You only pay when a user watches a large percentage of your advert (30 seconds), so it’s a really focussed spend, and a really cost-effective way of increasing your hotels brand awareness especially in a specific market.

As part of our creative work we can also help you to create powerful, stand out video content which is perfect for PPC video advertising.


PPC Packages and Pricing

Basic PPC Package

  • Brand name search
  • Non-brand search
  • Monthly reporting
  • Limited email support

Professional PPC Package

  • Brand name search
  • Non-brand search
  • 1 Additional language campaign
  • Display campaign
  • Remarketing campaign
  • Monthly reporting
  • Bi-Monthly Call
  • Unlimited email support

Expert PPC Package

  • Brand name search
  • Non-brand search
  • 3 Additional language campaigns
  • Display campaign
  • Video campaign
  • Remarketing campaign
  • Bing PPC campaign
  • Gmail Sponsored Promotion
  • Monthly reporting
  • Monthly Call
  • Unlimited email support

*The above PPC management fees don’t include the monthly PPC budget, which is payable directly to Google or Bing.
If you’d like the Hotel Marketer to help audit, setup or manage your hotels pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google or Bing, or have any questions about our PPC services, then send us a message from our Contact Page. If you feel you wouldn’t benefit from running PPC, or are happy that it’s bringing in the return-on-investment that you seek, then click here to see which other services the Hotel Marketer can offer you.

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