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Email marketing can be a really powerful yet cost-effective way to grow your hotels business online. It enables you to build a relationship with your previous guests, and with potential future guests, allowing you to directly contact them with completely tailored messages and special offers.

A hotels email marketing strategy can really allow the hotel to push the value of each previous guest, with repeat-bookings one of the many benefits of utilising an email database. There are several ways in which hotels can and should be using email marketing, and this is something the Hotel Marketer would love to be able to help you with.

Email Marketing Services

We can help you with various components of your email marketing, starting first with your strategy, then looking at your database, your management of the database, the segmentation of your users, the mailing list software used, the content used in your mailings, the frequency of your newsletters, analysing your email marketing performance, reviewing your use of mobile / tablet friendly messages, your use of sign-up and capture forms, the corporate branding used within your mailings, and anything else which may be relevant to you.

We provide a completely bespoke email marketing service, working specifically with your hotel to ensure your use of the mailing list is done in-line with your brand, and done in a way to deliver results. If you feel your hotel could be making more out of its use of email then just send us a message today.

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