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Does your Hotel Suffer from a lack of Exciting, Shareable Content?

We can provide you with Exciting & Interesting content on a regular basis – delivered direct onto your website! Our team of English-natives will know your hotel’s destination inside-out and are extremely qualified in writing the perfect content.

The Problem?

Hotelliers and Hotel Staff don’t have the time or training needed to create the outstanding, unforgetable and highly-shareable content that your hotels website really needs in order to grow your brand name online and sell more hotel rooms. Your staff aren’t always able to keep up to date with all of the changes within the search marketing industry, and perhaps aren’t so comfortable planning and executing a content marketing project.

The Solution!

Our team of travel will research, plan and write brilliant, entertaining and highly-shareable content that they will post directly onto your website – if you’re happy to share access that is, otherwise we’ll just email you the content to upload. We’ll provide you with new content to use on a regular basis, allowing you to rest-assured that your hotel will be attracting all kinds of positive attention online, leading to brand name growth and an increase in room bookings.


Our Unbeatable Content Creation Plan

#1 Keyword Research

Having researched your hotel we’ll begin the keyword research phase. This is where we’ll search for popular keywords with a good opportunity to rank organically, giving us a topic to base our content (article/video/infographic) on…

#2 Putting Pen to Paper

In this stage of the process we’ll get to the bulk of the job – creating brilliant content for you to use. Not all types of content work equally so we’ll decide upon a text article, series of images, a video, infographic or other to convey our/your message.

#3 Implementing & Reporting

The final stage involves publishing the content online, followed up with some tactical social sharing to give it the necessary push-in-the-right-direction for maximum amplification and impact. Nothing is complete without a report showing the contents impact…

But Wait – What do you know about our Hotel & Our Location?

All of the writers we work with are seasoned-travellers – they know your hotel location inside-out, be it Dublin, London, Paris, or Moscow, and we ensure that your content will be written by someone who knows and loves where your hotel is based!

On top of this we will follow any input given by you when ordering one of our content creation packages. Don’t want to mention the next-door nightclub that plays tunes into the early-hours? No problem. Think you’ve got enough content on “things to do in Paris” already? That’s fine, we’ll adapt and write something even better – and far more unique!



Why your Hotel needs Fresh & Engaging Content

When it comes to managing your hotels website, you might not exactly understand why it is you need to include a blog, let alone to keep it updated on a regular basis. There are many great reasons to do so which include Search Engine Optimisation amongst other things….


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Did you Know?…

Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links – Hubspot (yet another reason to sort out your hotels blog and content marketing plan!)

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