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At the Hotel Marketer we have access to a team of highly-talented creative designers who are on standby to create brilliant creatives to be used by hotels. From animated banners through to quality HD video content, our team can provide you with all of the marketing material you’ll ever need.


Graphic Design Service for Hotels

Because we’re able to provide so many digital marketing services together, our creative team is able to work alongside the other departments to ensure the designs suit the exact needs of the client. So your interested in video advertising and wnat to start a PPC campaign; no problem, we can create the video which will be used in the video ads. Interested in running a mobile display campaign but don’t have any content to use? That’s fine too, we can get proesional banners created designed specifically for mobile devices.

Take a look at some of our previous creatives below.
Banner ads (static)
Banner ads (mobile)

Banner ads (animated gif)
Remarketing banner ads
Gmail sponsored promotions

YouTube video ads


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