NH Hotel Group launches colour changing ‘mood rooms’ and ‘emotional showers’

NH Hotel Group has partnered with Philips Lighting to launch new Mood Rooms at the NH Collection Eurobuilding hotel in Madrid.

Through technology, lighting and sound, these rooms create different settings that can reflect and adapt to guests’ emotions, in the aims of delivering a ‘real experience’ for guests.

The two companies have come together to develop the concept of a ‘hotel of the future’ and has been designed around three parameters: personalising the guest’s experience, connected technology and sustainability.

The Mood Rooms are designed to be ready for whatever the customer needs.

With the use of room control system Philips RoomFlex – which integrates control of the dynamic lighting with the music and curtains – guests can choose whatever setting they wish depending on the time or their mood, control the colour scheme, intensity of the light and adapt the background music.

As part of the experience offered by the Mood Rooms, the companies have also made it possible to transform the shower ambience. The Emotional Shower gives guests the opportunity to create a multi-sensory experience that includes sound, light and water control, for relaxing or energy-filled showers.

Hugo Rovira, managing director, Southern Europe and USA, said: “Hotels of the future need to take sustainability, connectivity and customer experience into account as key factors. Thanks to the new connected lighting technologies, it is possible to address all these aspects and offer a truly unforgettable experience.”

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