Negative reviews? 85% would ‘rather leave positive ones’

Some 85% of hospitality customers are more inclined to leave a positive review than a negative one, a survey from hospitality software partners Fourth has found.

The survey, which took a sample of 1,500 dining consumers, revealed that customers left on average 3.4 reviews a year and the core drivers behind leaving a positive review were: quality food (87%), attentive staff (69.4%), and quick service (46.7%).

The findings also highlighted that younger consumers aged between 16 to 29 were twice as likely to leave a negative review as their older counterparts, aged 45 to 59.

The survey also found that those aged 16 to 29 were twice as likely to leave a negative review because of incorrect website information, than those aged 30 to 44. They were also more than eight times as likely than those aged 44 to 59.

When asked what factors influenced leaving a negative review, the top results were: poor quality food (78.8%); rude staff (68.6%); and waiting time for food (61.9%).

The survey also revealed that operators had the best chance of appeasing a negative review if the food wasn’t up to scratch, if they provided: a discounted bill (58.2%); great service throughout the meal (46.2%); the offer of a complimentary return visit (39.2%).

Catherine Marshall, communications director at Fourth said: “Customer-driven online review platforms, such as TripAdvisor, have become very influential drivers in generating footfall.

“It is clear that the younger, tech-savvy generations are more critical than the older generations when it comes to leaving negative feedback and therefore forward-thinking operators seeking to future proof their business are tracking, analysing and acting upon customer sentiment.”

She added: “In the end, it all comes down to businesses utilising technology to get total transparency on their operation so that they can make informed decisions to improve sentiment and drive sales – two vital levers in today’s challenging environment.”

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