Manorview Group gives back to employees with Profit Share Scheme

The Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group has launched a Profit Share Scheme, called the HeartCount Fund which will allow their entire workforce to benefit.
The group, which celebrated 10 years in June, has nearly 600 employees and managing director Steve Graham took the opportunity to focus on people as part of the Group’s next stage of growth.

He has introduced a set of initiatives via a series of workshops which have been rolled out throughout the entire group.

Under the Profit Share Scheme announced for the financial year to 31 March 2018, Manorview has committed to allocating 10% of its pre-tax profits to the HeartCount Fund to be shared across the company’s workforce.

All employees who have worked for the Manorview Group for a continuous period of 12 months will qualify for two Profit Share pay outs; one calculated on half year profits and a further payment based on full year results.

The HeartCount Fund will be distributed in proportion to qualifying employee’s earnings. The first Profit Share payment will be made in January 2018.

The Group expects over £200,000 in the HeartCount Fund to be distributed between qualifying employees.

Steve Graham, CEO of Manorview Group, said, “A 10-year milestone is a good time to reflect. Like most businesses we started small, but growing bigger has led to new challenges.

“These include finding effective ways to communicate to all employees, to recognise their worth, develop them as people, and to ensure they feel part of a bigger picture and vision. It’s their hard work and efforts that help us to continually grow.

He added: “My goal is to inspire a team who see long term career opportunities at Manorview, and are proud to be a part of our growth.”

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