Is your tumble dryer unsafe?

Tumble dryers are a commonly used household appliance and sometimes safety hazards can be neglected by owners.

Some people opt to leave the machine on overnight, whilst others use it a couple of times in the same day. This can lead to hazards within the appliance if it’s not maintained properly whilst being used frequently.

If you want to ensure that you’re using a safe tumble dryer, then read on and find out whether you need to seek appliance repairs.

Use an online checker

Tumble dryer safety can be a big issue. If you’re uncertain whether you’re using your tumble dryer properly, or suspect it currently has a fault, charity Electrical Safety First have an online checker available which details the perfect way to maintain your appliance.

They also detail the best way to use your tumble dryer safely as well as providing safety notices from different manufacturers who have had products recalled over the past decade.

Have you registered your appliance?

As soon as your purchase a new tumble dryer, it’s essential that you register the product with its manufacturer.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to find out whether a product is being recalled due to faults and concerns regarding its safety.

According to Electrical Safety First, only around 10%-20% of recalled products are returned by the buyers, meaning that there are potentially millions of dangerous electrical appliances in homes across the UK.

For those who haven’t registered your appliance, you can do it at

Has it been installed correctly?

When it comes to tumble dryer safety, there are many factors that can jeopardise it.

Dryers should not be placed in low temperature environments as it can cause damage to their heat pumps, which restricts the appliance from functioning properly.

It’s important to never install your dryer below a central heating boiler as it can potentially lead to a serious explosion if a fault occurs. Make sure that all vents on the appliance are open because if they’re covered, the appliance can overheat.

If you’re worried about installing your new tumble dryer, it’s best to get in touch with a qualified electrician to do this for you. They can answer any safety concerns you may have.

Are you guilty of overloading?

Do you like to get all the washing done in one large batch?

Well if that’s the case, you could be causing damage to the tumble dryer and making it unsafe. Overloading is unsafe as it can overheat the dryer, potentially causing a fire.

Make sure you don’t overfill the machine. If your wet laundry fills more than two thirds of the drum it is considered overloaded, so keep it filled to just over half.

Another handy tip to avoid overloading is to only using your tumble dryer for your clothes, and take some of the larger items such as bed sheets to the dry cleaner.

Do you check your lint filter?

This is without question the biggest fire hazard when it comes to tumble dryer safety. If you do not clear your lint filter, you’re running the risk of causing a blaze within your home.

If you fail to check the lint filter and let it build up, it may cause a fire if it reaches the heater. You may sense a burning smell, which could prompt you to act before an actual fire breaks out.

Cleaning the lint filter should be carried out regularly, and it’s very straightforward to do. Simply lift out the screen, wet both sides with water and use a vacuum to get the remaining lint out of the tray. Lint is very flammable and a big buildup can cause a fire.

Do you have worries about how safe your tumble dryer is? If you’ve used the tips above and still have your doubts, then call up for a tumble dryer repairs service, where your model can be analysed by an expert.

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