How texting can provide great customer service to hotel guests

The hotel industry is competitive. When you want to provide the best customer service possible, it’s time to implement SMS alerts for hotels into your marketing strategy. You will be able to reach your guests no matter where they are through text messaging. Opening up this line of communication makes for fast, efficient communication whether your hotel guests are out by the pool enjoying a drink or shopping in the middle of town. Great customer service matters, and it’s time to use text messaging to help your guests.

Let Guests Know About Local and Onsite Events
There are a number of ways to let guests know about what is going on in the area and at your hotel. You can try putting up flyers to notify guests of fun activities to do, or have a display of area brochures for your guests to look through. While providing this type of information is great for guests, activities pop up all the time that your guests may enjoy. If you learn about a fun, local event at the last minute, you can send out a quick text with a link for further information regarding the event you want to share.

Offer Exclusive Deals to Guests Who Sign Up for Text Messaging
Once you implement text messaging to save your customer’s time with texting, you can create exclusive deals for those that sign up to receive hospitality messages. Your goal will be to increase the number of subscribers to your hotel communication systems by offering deals that can only be obtained through text messaging. Make your customers feel special by providing valuable deals when you sign up to receive text messages from your hotel. You can offer a quick, time limited deal for a big discount on your restaurant on a quiet night, ensuring that your restaurant stays as full as possible each night.

Greet Guests Upon Arrival or Say Thank You for Visiting
Guests love to feel welcome when they arrive at your hotel and a quick text message can do the trick. Whether you send a message that includes a list of activities going on, or you simply state to contact the front desk if you have any problems, a text message will let know guests you are ready to serve their needs.

When guests leave your hotel, you can also send out a “thank you for staying at our hotel” message. This message can then include a link to a survey for you to get valuable feedback from your guests. You will be able to get feedback about a stay instantly, giving you the opportunity to fix any problems right away.

Confirm Reservations Through Text Messaging
Your guests want to know when you receive a reservation request. You can confirm a reservation for your hotel through text messaging, or you can let a guest know that you received their request for a table at dinner. When you send out a confirmation through texting, you will save the time it would take to make a phone call instead. When you send out a confirmation for a dinner reservation, you can also include language that shows the recipient how to cancel the reservation if necessary.

Text messaging will give you the ability to reach customers in an instant. You will create a two-way form of communication that is beneficial for both you and your guests. It’s important to make guests feel welcome and have a valuable way to gather feedback from guests who stay in your hotel.

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