How can cloud technology improve guest Wi-Fi?

Many businesses are seeking new, innovative ways to improve and enhance the experience that a customer has with their brand. While guest Wi-Fi is a valuable utility that almost every business offers, you may not have realised that cloud technology can develop this even further.

As the name suggests, guest Wi-Fi allows guests to use a business’ Wi-Fi connection for free, so long as they’re within the proximity of the company’s location. It’s now considered an essential for any brick and mortar business to have.

In this guide, we’ve shared the benefits of offering guest Wi-Fi, along with how cloud technology can improve your customers’ experience with your brand:

Why is guest Wi-Fi beneficial to businesses?

Guest Wi-Fi is only able to be accessed by paying customers. For this reason, it can offer your business many benefits. Amongst some of the most notable include:

Customers are kept on-site

One of the most obvious benefits of offering free Wi-Fi for your customers is that they’re encouraged to spend a longer period of time on the premises. Not only could this lead to more sales, but this additional time gives you the opportunity to up-sell and promote your other products or services.

Security is enhanced

Another benefit of separating your internal Wi-Fi network to the one offered to your customers is that the security of your business is enhanced. If you’re looking to prevent your internal network from being meddled-with by hackers, separating your internal and external offering is a fantastic way to boost the security of your internet connectivity.

Reinforces customer loyalty

You’ve also got the opportunity to reinforce the loyalty that customers have towards your brand by offering some form of guest Wi-Fi. This is because customers who have had a positive experience on-site are more likely to return – especially business professionals who require a secure connection throughout their breaks.

How can cloud technology improve their experience?

Now that you’re aware of the benefits you can experience by offering guest Wi-Fi, you may want to discover how cloud technology can boost customer experience even further.

Here are four of the main ways that specific forms of cloud technology can enhance free guest Wi-Fi:

Builds an online presence

Guest Wi-Fi operates when the customer visits a splash page in order to connect to the network. This part of their journey can help a business to build their online presence as the customer has the option to connect by giving away their details, such as social media accounts or email address.

Gives you total control

Many businesses worry about their customers using the free guest Wi-Fi connection to perform non-family-friendly or illegal searches. However, cloud-based technology allows you to monitor your Wi-Fi users and ensure that customers aren’t visiting pages they shouldn’t.

There’s also the option to use content filtering software to protect under-age users. This can aid with protecting your connection from hackers wishing to download malware or other forms of malicious software.

Boosts your marketing strategy

Another benefit of using cloud technology for guest Wi-Fi is that it be used to push your marketing messages. Also referred to as location-based marketing, businesses are able to view their WiFi analytics to investigate their ideal customer when offering this service. They can then use this data to promote new products to these people, in future.

Allows you to learn about customers

Along with boosting your marketing efforts, free guest Wi-Fi offers you the chance to view valuable insights about your customers. From viewing their age, genders and buying behaviour, you could integrate this with your existing marketing to improve the success rates of your sales campaigns.

As you can see, some form of free internet connection is an extremely valuable asset for any business – especially when paired with cloud technology. Once you’ve begun to offer guest Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to reap the rewards in no time!  

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