How a Hotel can use Facebook Advertising to grow its Online Bookings

Few people can doubt the reach and benefit of using Facebook as a brand. The willingness of brands to advertise on Facebook too has really soared too in recent months. But from a hotels perspective, one big question is how can a hotel use Facebook advertising to grow its number of bookings?

We all know how easy it is to grow the number of Facebook likes through an advertising campaign – you can get your posts boosted, paying to get them displayed in your friends Newsfeeds, or in strangers Newsfeeds. You can also create a separate advert to get displayed in the Newsfeed or in the right-side bar, amongst other Facebook adverts. So it’s easy to grow your likes and to build interaction with your brand socially, but how exactly can your hotel leverage this into cold, hard cash – ie more bookings.

One simple way a hotel can do this is by sharing room discounts for Facebook fans. They can post on their Newsfeed a special offers for fans of the page on Facebook – like a 5% discount when they book using a discount code. Fans of the page will feel they’re getting extra value, and may be tempted to make a stay. If you don’t want this limited to fans of your page you could open up the offer to any Facebook user, and can get this post boosted on Newsfeeds.

Boosting a post on Facebook

When boosting a post you’ve made on Facebook, you can choose to do this to fans, friends of fans, or open it up to anyone. This is perhaps the most interesting option; you can now define users you want to see the post based on demographics and interests. For a 5 star luxury hotel located close to London, perhaps you want to target users living in particularly affluent parts of London. You can break this down further to particular genders, ages, and interests. Posting an offer for new guests could work well when trying to grow your number of bookings from Facebook.

Right hand rail ads & Newsfeed ads on Facebook

The same as above would work as an ad on the right-hand rail of Facebook; you can target here by the same as above, and further. Here you can also target by job, interests, languages, and so on.

Using Custom Audiences on Facebook

One of the best ways a hotel can increase its numbers of bookings from Facebook are by using Custom Audiences. You can now display an advert specifically for people who have previously been on your website and not made a booking, by adding a Facebook pixel to your site. What about creating a pixel for users who didn’t visit your hotel booking confirmation page, but whom visited your hotel website, and then display a unique offer on Facebook for these users? You only pay when they click the advert, and you could be capturing their booking whilst they’re still in the shopping phase, potentially looking around on other MetaSearch sites and OTA’s like

Another interesting Custom Audience that can be loaded as an advertiser audience is your newsletter mailing list database. If you have an audience size of 1000+, you can import these users into Facebook as its own custom audience, and can then display adverts directly to them. What better way to promote new offers or deals to your previous guests, providing a great way to keep in contact with them.

As you can see there are quite a few different ways in which you can use Facebook to grow your number of hotel bookings, and if you’re willing to put in some extra effort you shouldn’t struggle to grow your client base, or to grow revenue from previous visitors to your property.

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