Hilton teams up with celebrity chef to support Glasgow food bank

Scottish celebrity chef and restaurateur Tony Singh MBE teamed up with chefs from Glasgow Hilton hotels on Wednesday 18 October to visit and offer support to Glasgow NE Food Bank as part of Hilton’s Global Week of Service UK event.
Singh created three new affordable recipes especially for the event, which were then shared with food bank volunteers and users.

These included Scottish recipes such as Spiced Neep Soup and more inventive alternatives Cheese Cookies and Bread Soup.

Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor helped fund the building of storage at a local food bank, and chefs from Hilton hotels across Glasgow regularly teach groups of families how to cook basic, healthy meals using fresh and affordable ingredients.

The Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor has now made a commitment to host a morning of hospitality at Glasgow food banks every month moving forward.

Six hotels across Scotland, including Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor and Hilton Glasgow, have committed to serve their local communities by supporting food programmes and create opportunities for vulnerable community members in Aberdeen, Dunblane, Dundee and Edinburgh.

Singh said: “It is great to partner with Hilton on the meaningful community work it is doing in Glasgow. As part of the partnership, it was my privilege to offer my support to the Glasgow food bank volunteers and users by creating three new recipes that will help them create more simple and healthy meals.

“Food banks are important to a number of communities across the UK I am pleased to be able to help Hilton support the local community through this initiative.”

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