Download: The 2018 Guide to Great Hotel Website Design

In our last article, Milestone discussed one of the most important assets a company has – their website. The focus of many of our digital marketing activities are this key asset. If you’re thinking of refreshing your website or overhauling it altogether in 2018, we thought it might be helpful to have a checklist. There are many, many tasks to track when working on a website. This is not that kind of check list. This is a high level checklist to help you think about the what you need to have a high converting website:

  • Do you have schemas to ensure you don’t miss out on voice searches?
  • Do you have a mobile-first experience to ensure you don’t miss out on converting last minute mobile reservations?
  • Do you have an events calendar that helps drive traffic to your website and enhances the user experience?

Download the checklist today and make sure that you currently have everything on it, as appropriate, or make a plan to ensure that you will have everything you need going into 2018.



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