Does my hotel need to be using Pinterest – 3 Simple Questions to find out

There’s no doubting the size, and phenomenal growth of the social media network Pinterest. But just because of it’s explosive growth (X numbers of users in 2015), does it really mean that your hotel has to have a presence there? What are the benefits and drawbacks of using Pinterest, and should you be using it as part of your hotels social media strategy?

Who uses Pinterest

Firstly it’s probably interesting to know the kind of demographics that Pinterest boasts. So here you have a breakdown of it’s current user-base:

<a href=””><img width=”419″ height=”609″ src=”” class=”attachment-large” alt=”Among online adults, the percent who use Pinterest” /></a>

As you can see, the majority of its users are female, and in their 30’s, not to mention being quite wealthy.

Do many other hotels use Pinterest?

Although we’re not ones to recommend you use something just because your neighbour does, it may be worthwhile checking to see if your competitors are active on Pinterest. Are they signed up, and do they use it regularly? Find out what type of content their posting, what their following count is like, how engaged they are with their followers, and so on.

What can be achieved by using Pinterest?

Pinterest, if used correctly, can have a big effect on your social presence and on your search engine optimisation. Specifically we’ve recommended that hotels which are keen on growing their wedding enquiries and marketing themselves as a wedding venue should be active – due to the breakdown of its demographics, and the sheer number of wedding related content on the site. Not only can you market to a bigger audience through Pinterest, but you can also gain powerful backlinks to your hotel website, helping out with it’s organic search engine rankings. Although it’s unlikely that you’re going to get many direct leads through the site, it can still help with your SEO and build your social presence.

What are the disadvantages of using Pinterest?

Obviously the main problem of being active on yet another social network is the amount of time it’s going to require to use the site. Someone in your hotel needs to be Pinning items to boards, submitting items, following users, and then to take things further you may even want to integrate Pin-It buttons on to your hotel website. We’ve implemented these Pin-icons on image-galleries on the wedding sections of hotel websites, which gives it’s visitors a simple way of “Pinning” something without ever leaving the hotel website. But this kind of thing takes time to implement (website development costs, analytical reports and so-on). Ultimately as a hotel either you, or your advising-digital marketing agency should be the ones telling you the best way to proceed.

To Pin or not to Pin? Hopefully after reviewing the above and discussing with your digital marketing team, and any internal sales and marketing teams, you’ll be able to come to a more informed decision about whether or not to be active on this highly popular, yet arts and craftsy, social network.

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