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Website Writing 101 for Hotels

For many hotels, their website only consists of the page their hotel brand gives to them. However, it is important to have a website independent of the page. On a brand website, your hotel is competing with every other nearby hotel in your brand. Also, it can be hard to have control over what information is included or to make changes. A vanity website allows hotels to control the message and stand on their own in the marketplace. Hotel websites act as a hub of information to convert travelers to guests. Best of all, any conversions on a hotel


Increase Hotel SEO with a Blog

Why Should Hotels Have a Blog? A blog provides helpful information to travelers making booking decisions. Plus, blog content also helps Google and other search engines find your website. Find out more below. Help Travelers Make Booking Decisions Blogs provide an area to publish content that complements your website. While you already have pages that give an overview of your hotel, a blog can go into much more detail. It can explain exactly what is included in your hot breakfast, what time the pool is open, and where the best nearby restaurant is. More information can help a traveler feel


Blog Ideas for Hotel Websites

Boost Your Hotel Marketing Strategy with These Blog Ideas When faced with a blank blog page, it can be intimidating to come up with content. By making a content plan ahead of time, you can craft blog posts to attract travelers and build


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