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Search has changed, are you losing out? (Part 1)

A multi-device world According to ComScore, the average consumer owns almost 4 connected devices. In such a fragmented, multi-device world, it is critical that marketers understand where and how their target consumers are using different devices and search channels to create a plan to effectively engage and inspire consumers. According to Google, more than 60% of search is performed on a mobile device and 65% of smartphone visitors continue over to a desktop or a PC. Often, Marketers still view search as being conducted on desktop and mobile independent of one another. Trends suggest otherwise. ComScore has found that consumers


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Why Progressive Web Apps Matter to You

With over 60% of searches happening on mobile devices, consumers increasingly rely on their mobile devices for search and to complete transactions.  Progressive Web App (PWA) is a key new technology to create an app like mobile experience, to drive user interaction, and boost conversions.  Here are some key must-knows about PWA technology and what benefits it could bring to your business. Key Features of Progressive Web Apps App-like functionality: A PWA-enabled mobile site acts and behaves like a mobile app. Users can “install” the site on their home screen and access it as they do any other app. Because


Video: Drive higher ROI with segmenting & personalization in paid media

    In case you missed it, here’s a recorded version of our paid media webinar! In this video: Learn how to use data to segment and personalize your paid media and social advertising campaigns to help shift revenue away from OTAs, and back to you. By integrating data in your paid media strategy, you can drive above average results. During this 45 minute video you will learn: How to use audience segmentation for precision targeting The benefits of retargeting based on geolocation and website behavior How to combine organic and paid media to enhance ROI Real-life case study of how


Webinar: Using Data to Improve Your Paid Media Campaigns

Paid marketing is often considered more art than science. But, if you put science at work behind the art of paid advertising, the results can be really quite dramatic. Join us on Thursday, October 26, 2017, at 11:00 AM Pacific time for a live webinar on how integrating data in your paid media strategy can drive results. During this 45 minute webinar you will learn: Why a “blast all channels” strategy doesn’t work Using audience segmentation for precision targeting Retargeting based on website behavior How to optimize campaigns for the best ROI Analytics: what to measure and why Powered by


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