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Top 10 Tips for Buying a Hotel

The first five tips will help you identify a suitable site and the latter five will assist you when securing your chosen site. Sourcing Your Hotel Opportunity Location, Location, Location – Where do you want to be? Or, what is the next location for your portfolio? Location is pivotal, so research areas and understand your chosen location. Are there any developments planned? My advice is to go with what you know, and if you don’t know the area, get to know it. Often things are not as you expect. Do Your Market Research – Once you have pinpointed your location,


Five tips to boost your corporate and group bookings

Hotel management is indeed a tricky job and requires hoteliers to don multiple hats to take various decisions. Every guest is unique and has set expectations to be fulfilled. While the leisure travellers often tend to grab the most attention and enjoy a larger share of the pie, corporate and group bookings are sometimes an overlooked factor. Travel agents responsible for organising group bookings or firms that send a steady flow of business travellers take time to evaluate their needs. Unlike the leisure traveler, agents or representatives coordinate with various hotels to crack the best deals for their clients. Guest


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