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Six technology trends affecting the hospitality industry

The fast pace at which technology evolves means it can be difficult for hoteliers to keep up and distinguish flash in the pan trends from those that deserve investment or at the least serious consideration. Karla Pearce, EMEA product marketing manager at Cvent looks at six trends affecting the industry.Cloud Solutions Manual, often time-consuming processes, become streamlined with cloud platforms. Integrated systems can combine business intelligence, management and marketing. Through one centralised system it’s possible to generate business leads, manage and respond timely to RFPs on top of evaluating performance in real-time. Mobility Airport travel has given rise to the


Using CRM and data to curate unique experiences for guests

While customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that encompasses both human interaction and software, some references to it might refer exclusively to technology but very few mentions of it would encompass both. For the successful hospitality operator, a CRM system is an essential piece of software that enables them to provide the perfect experience for a guest, no matter what channel they came through, what their reason for travel is, or who they are travelling with. The software layer simply resides where the human layer of CRM cannot: in front of the customer when he or she is not


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