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Hoteliers are ‘optimistic’ about 2018, survey finds

This year has exceeded performance expectations and 2018 is expected to be even better for independent hoteliers according to new research from Guestline. The optimistic view held by hoteliers also sees many planning to increase investments in technology and refurbishment throughout their properties to deliver growth in the year ahead. This is according to research published today (17 October) by global hospitality software provider, Guestline. Nearly two thirds (60%) of those surveyed confirmed that they think 2018 will be a better year than 2017. Almost a quarter of those researched (24%) advised that the year to-date has exceeded expectations, whilst


Being a good boss

Given the frequently demanding nature of working in a hotel or restaurant, you would think employees, given the privacy of an anonymous survey, might have a disparaging comment or two to make about their boss. Stress, long hours, and guest complaints make up a perfect recipe finding work heavy going, and therefore, for thinking your manager is a tyrant, right? Well not according to a study conducted by One4all, a company that helps business owners find ways to reward and incentivise their staff. It found from a sample of 1,024 UK employees, leisure and travel bosses – such as those


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