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Hotel guests more likely to give feedback with incentives

Hotel guests are significantly more likely and happier to give detailed feedback on their stay when given an incentive to do so, according to research undertaken by hotel guest insight service The Know. The company asked guests staying in luxury hotels about their review habits and found that almost 60% very rarely or never complete surveys at checkout or via email following their stay. The research found that those who do occasionally complete surveys rarely spend more than five minutes on them, or offer much in the way of detailed feedback. According to the findings, only 3% of guests spent


Negative reviews? 85% would ‘rather leave positive ones’

Some 85% of hospitality customers are more inclined to leave a positive review than a negative one, a survey from hospitality software partners Fourth has found. The survey, which took a sample of 1,500 dining consumers, revealed that customers left on average 3.4 reviews a year and the core drivers behind leaving a positive review were: quality food (87%), attentive staff (69.4%), and quick service (46.7%). The findings also highlighted that younger consumers aged between 16 to 29 were twice as likely to leave a negative review as their older counterparts, aged 45 to 59. The survey also found that


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