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How to Attract Guests Online with Killer Visual Content

The following is a guest article from trivago on how quality visual content influences travel shopper engagement. We thought our other channel partners might find it useful. Online content: When it’s good, it’s great for marketing a hotel online. When it’s bad, it’s not doing anybody any favors – if anything, it’s discouraging guests from booking. This is especially true when it comes to visual content. On trivago, hotel profiles with stellar main images attract 96% of all clicks, while profiles featuring high-quality photos in their gallery receive 63% more clicks than those with low-quality photos. And it’s not just


[Infographic] The Email Marketing Cheat Sheet (Complete with Stats and Action Items)

Email is one of the most powerful media marketers have, and it’s no wonder. Some 72% of consumers prefer email as their primary means of communicating with brands, and Campaign Monitor reports a $44 ROI for every $1 spent on email. Those stats come from an infographic produced by MageMail, which explores how to craft a successful email program. The infographic has some great information on why you should do email marketing in the first place, ways to think about it, tactics for getting the best possible results and finally, in what areas you can test your theories to optimize


2018 Budget Season: Own Your Guests (Stop Renting Them)

You have comfortable beds, a new lobby, friendly service, and offer value that is undisputed. As a result, your guests have never been happier with your hotel. Satisfaction scores are strong and getting better, and the smiles on guests’ faces assure you that you are doing the right thing to deliver a great stay, every time. So why are you having to re-acquire these happy customers for every repeat stay? As you plan your budget for 2018, make it a priority to invest in restoring control of the guest relationship. OTAs have proven to be a powerful source of new


Step-By-Step: How to Make an Animated GIF for Email Marketing and Social Media

There are few communication methods with the ability to so perfectly describe your mood, situation, and even internal monologue as the GIF does. From memes to promotional messages and social media, GIFs are infiltrating our daily personal and professional conversations, and as a hotel marketer who relies heavily on the ability to tug at your guests’ heartstrings, you should be taking advantage. (Here’s a great example of one of our hotel customers who did just that.) It only takes seconds to make a GIF for your marketing email or social media post — no joke. This is a great skill


Blog Ideas for Hotel Websites

Boost Your Hotel Marketing Strategy with These Blog Ideas When faced with a blank blog page, it can be intimidating to come up with content. By making a content plan ahead of time, you can craft blog posts to attract travelers and build


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