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10 modern hotels that are historically protected

You may think of structures which have stood the test of time and were constructed centuries ago when it comes to describing listed buildings. However, listed building insurance provider Lycetts has put together this list of 10 standout hotels which are on the listed buildings list and yet are not that old and archaic — in fact, they were built at some point in the 20th century: Midland Hotel Found at: 16 Peter Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M60 2DS Grade of the listed building: Grade II Construction date: Between 1898 and 1903 by Charles Trubshaw for the Midland Railway Company.


Does your hotel need a unisex bathroom?

The modern hotel caters to guests from all walks of life. Unisex bathrooms which cater to all users – including men, women and transgender people – can help make your hotel a fairer, more inclusive place. In this article, we’ll talk about the installation of unisex bathrooms and show you how they could even save you money – but first, let’s examine why unisex bathrooms are so popular in the first place. Why unisex bathrooms? Believe it or not, traditional bathroom design has always been stacked against women. Men’s and women’s bathrooms are almost always the same size, but women


The importance of hotel reviews

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