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5 Useful Tips For A More Successful Newsletter

Now that you have prepared your first newsletter and created an impactful email subject line, you now must optimize your newsletter’s contents. The average email user receives about 147 emails per day and deletes about 48% of them. If readers decide to open your newsletter, you cannot disappoint them! You must also incite readers to perform a specific action when they read your newsletter. If you haven’t optimized your email’s contents, it will end up in the trash like all the others. That is why it is so important to optimize your newsletter’s structure, content and call to action. Choose


The 6 steps To Creating An Effective Email Campaign

In today’s world, social media and immediacy are kings, many professionals often forget about email. And yet, email is a very effective way to reach existing and potential customers. Think about it: what is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? You check your emails! 61% of people look at their emails even before having breakfast. Oftentimes, they check their emails while still in bed! With email campaigns, you can “talk” to consumers in their private space — their inboxes. However, it is important to create a newsletter that will capture (and keep) readers’ attention.


3 Hotel Marketing Tips for 2018

Hospitality marketing is changing in response to demographic and societal trends. How can you make the most of your marketing budget in this era of fragmented media and short attention spans? We’ve identified the three things that should be top-of-mind as you plan your 2018 marketing campaigns. 1. Take advantage of technology. Email marketing produces the greatest ROI of any channel, and close to two thirds of consumers prefer to hear from companies via email. Modern email platforms like Revinate’s provide tools that let you set up automated campaigns for every part of the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to winback.


Our Favorite Holiday Campaigns from 2016

Life is all about living in the moment.But let’s be honest, when you’re managing the marketing and promotions for a hotel, it’s really about living in the next quarter. And that means, now is the time to finalize your holiday email marketing strategy. Here are a few of our favorite campaigns from last year to help make your holiday season merry and oh so bright. Holiday: Halloween Purpose: Promote and sell tickets for on-property Halloween events. Having inspired Stephen King’s The Shining, it’s no surprise that The Stanley Hotel in Colorado put out a killer Halloween email. Holiday: Black Friday/Cyber


[Infographic] The Email Marketing Cheat Sheet (Complete with Stats and Action Items)

Email is one of the most powerful media marketers have, and it’s no wonder. Some 72% of consumers prefer email as their primary means of communicating with brands, and Campaign Monitor reports a $44 ROI for every $1 spent on email. Those stats come from an infographic produced by MageMail, which explores how to craft a successful email program. The infographic has some great information on why you should do email marketing in the first place, ways to think about it, tactics for getting the best possible results and finally, in what areas you can test your theories to optimize


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