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Get the right checks

Could there be a worse event than a preventable death inside your hotel property? This month we reported on an outbreak of Legionnaires disease at the Feathers Hotel in Ludlow, Shropshire. The hotel closed temporarily after taking advice from Public Health England (PHE) in the West Midlands and Shropshire Council, and laboratory tests from the hotel subsequently showed links between the legionella bacteria found in the water samples and the two guests who stayed there. The first guest, a woman in her 70s, was diagnosed in April this year and has since recovered. The second guest however, a woman in


Being a good boss

Given the frequently demanding nature of working in a hotel or restaurant, you would think employees, given the privacy of an anonymous survey, might have a disparaging comment or two to make about their boss. Stress, long hours, and guest complaints make up a perfect recipe finding work heavy going, and therefore, for thinking your manager is a tyrant, right? Well not according to a study conducted by One4all, a company that helps business owners find ways to reward and incentivise their staff. It found from a sample of 1,024 UK employees, leisure and travel bosses – such as those


Don’t get too sucked in by millennial fever

The word ‘millennial’ is used about 15 times per person per day in the business world of 2017. For the uninitiated (though you must be hiding under a rock not to have heard it), it refers to a person reaching adulthood in the early 21st Century. They are tech-savvy, mobile, restless and go through life with an enormous sense of entitlement. Well, that’s the much-mooted reading of the generation before them anyway. Businesses of all types now devote enormous energy to ‘engaging’ with the idiosyncrasies of this population group, leaning on social media, apps and streaming services to try and


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