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Bring back Powerful Branding in 2018

In 2018 I would love to see hotel marketers regain control over the customer decision-making & booking process. There are now so many hotel brands with a lack of clarity as to what each brand stands for. And I have no doubt that this has played a huge part in the increasing commoditisation of Hotel bedrooms and the ongoing growth of the Online Travel Agents (OTA’s). Marketers have allowed the OTA’s to in essence take control of their inventories and pricing because customers don’t understand what each brand delivers. They subsequently prefer to choose a Hotel based on price and


Five tips to bear in mind when planning your communications

Creating powerful, relevant and timely marketing communications can be a daunting process with no guarantee of success. Follow the five tips below when planning your next campaign in order to help stack the odds in your favour. 1. Does your communication solve your customer’s problem by offering relevant benefits? The first thing you need to consider is what is the current problem/issue that your target audience are experiencing? It has to be a real problem that is causing them some level of dissatisfaction, otherwise they will show little interest in your proposed solution. You then have to present your solution


Eddie Lubbers on Cuba and Starting a Premier Travel Agency

If a popular politician is called a “man of the people,” then Eddie Lubbers is a man of the tourists. The Dutch-born, world-traveled entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Cuba Travel Network—the leading website for booking flights, tours and accommodation in Cuba, run by Lubbers in Amsterdam and a staff of 50 on the ground in the island nation. We talked to Lubbers about how he got started in travel, his passion for Cuba, and helping tourists truly experience the country like a local. Taking a vacation can change the course of your career “I started out at a


Nikolas Koenig on Branding and Becoming a Leading Hotel Photographer

When Nikolas Koenig moved to New York 20 years ago, he was fresh out of photography school in Germany. By 2001, he had became Ian Schrager’s photographer of choice, and has since established himself as one of the most prolific hospitality photographers worldwide. We met up with Koenig at The New York EDITION—one of the iconic Schrager properties that he’s photographed—to talk about how he got started in the industry. Here’s what we learned. It takes time to find a niche “I moved to New York in 1995 after attending a very hands-on photography school in Germany. My two main


Harsha Chanrai on Pop-Up Hospitality Schools and Economic Empowerment

Raised in London by parents from Mumbai, Harsha Chanrai is a world traveler with a vision. After being frustrated in her travels by hotels around the world that ignore the community around them, she took up studies at Cornell Hospitality school and used what she learned to start Saira Hospitality, a non-profit that aims to educate local communities in emerging markets—equipping locals to start careers in hospitality. We spoke with Chanrai at the Refinery Rooftop about traveling like a local, a hotel’s responsibility to its community and her vision for the future. Here are five lessons we learned from Harsha


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