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Ways to sleep better whilst travelling

It’s widely known that keeping a bedtime routine, regular exercise, eating healthily and relaxing before you go to bed are known to help improve your sleep, but what happens when you’re away from home and can’t keep to your normal routine? Maybe you’re away on a work trip or on the family holiday, after being tucked up in bed for hours you still find you are struggling to get to sleep. At Mattressman, we specialise in allowing all of our customers the best night’s sleep possible, so we are going to take a look at what could be disturbing your


Push notifications as a tool for hotel marketers

Push notifications may be one of the best marketing tools to create added value and increase your revenue when used wisely. It is broadly a text message that pops up on the user phone screen, containing hyper-relevant and real-time engaging information send by the hotel, such as the latest or exclusive offer or relevant news from your hotel. According to recent studies by Localytics, the conversion rate is about 15%, which clearly suggests that the content of the message in these notifications has to be relevant to the targeted audience and catchy. Often considered as a double-edged sword with a


How can cloud technology improve guest Wi-Fi?

Many businesses are seeking new, innovative ways to improve and enhance the experience that a customer has with their brand. While guest Wi-Fi is a valuable utility that almost every business offers, you may not have realised that cloud technology can develop this even further. As the name suggests, guest Wi-Fi allows guests to use a business’ Wi-Fi connection for free, so long as they’re within the proximity of the company’s location. It’s now considered an essential for any brick and mortar business to have. In this guide, we’ve shared the benefits of offering guest Wi-Fi, along with how cloud


Top 10 Tips for Buying a Hotel

The first five tips will help you identify a suitable site and the latter five will assist you when securing your chosen site. Sourcing Your Hotel Opportunity Location, Location, Location – Where do you want to be? Or, what is the next location for your portfolio? Location is pivotal, so research areas and understand your chosen location. Are there any developments planned? My advice is to go with what you know, and if you don’t know the area, get to know it. Often things are not as you expect. Do Your Market Research – Once you have pinpointed your location,


Using CRM and data to curate unique experiences for guests

While customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that encompasses both human interaction and software, some references to it might refer exclusively to technology but very few mentions of it would encompass both. For the successful hospitality operator, a CRM system is an essential piece of software that enables them to provide the perfect experience for a guest, no matter what channel they came through, what their reason for travel is, or who they are travelling with. The software layer simply resides where the human layer of CRM cannot: in front of the customer when he or she is not


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