Brits aged 18-40 willing to pay more for hotel rooms

Britons aged 18 to 40 are willing to pay as much as 25% more for hotel rooms than those older than them, a study by accommodation provider City Live In has shown.

For the study, 2,442 Britons aged 18 and over, a 50/50 split amongst the age groups 18-40 years old and 41+ years old, were quizzed about what they considered to be ‘affordable’.

All respondents were asked what they considered when they came to book accommodation, to which the top responses were ‘it fits my budget’ (32%) and ‘it’s close to local attractions and entertainment’ (29%).

When asked what type of accommodation they were likely to book, 68% of those aged 18 to 40 stated they’d book ‘anything as long as it was cheap’, and 55% of those aged 41 and over stated they tended to ‘look for a treat, something nicer than home’.

When they were shown a list of different hotel prices across the UK, the younger respondents considered pricier rooms more affordable than the older counterparts.


City 18 to 40 years old 41+ years old
London £160 £125
Edinburgh £120 £100
Birmingham £110 £75
Manchester £105 £120
Cardiff £85 £65

The sentiment continued when participants were shown cities across the world, with the younger respondents deeming higher priced hotel rooms to be affordable with most willing to pay almost double for hotel rooms abroad.

City 18 to 40 years old 41+ years old
New York £300 £230
Sydney £255 £190
Cape Town £235 £185
Barcelona £195 £260
Bangkok £145 £200

According to the study, when asked why they’d consider paying almost double abroad for the same experience as they’d get in a UK city hotel, the top responses were ‘I’d expect to pay more when abroad’ (46%) and ‘overseas hotels are generally better’ (30%).

Respondents who had previously stayed in what they deemed an expensive hotel were asked if they felt they got their money’s worth. Just 24% of respondents felt they did; the remaining 76% stated that they either ‘didn’t spend enough time in the room to truly enjoy it’ (54%) or ‘it wasn’t up to my standards’ (46%).

Tony Horan, general manager of City Live In, said: “It’s mind boggling that people think they have to go abroad and pay through the roof for something simply because it’s abroad, yet we have so much to see and do right here in the UK.

“Realistically you don’t spend that much time in your hotel room, you’re out and about seeing the sights, so it makes no real difference if you pay £50 or £500 for your room.”

He added: “That money could be better spent on something else; day trips, souvenirs and even food and drink.”

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