ALMR welcomes PM’s commitment to EU nationals

Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has responded to an open letter from Theresa May, in which she made a commitment to EU nationals living in the UK.

The letter, which was published on her Facebook page, said that the right of EU nationals “remained a priority” and ensured that staying in the UK after Brexit would be a “simple process”.

The association has welcomed the letter’s reassurances on the future status of EU migrants in the UK.

Kate Nicholls, ALMR chief executive, said: This is the first official, public and unconditional confirmation from the Prime Minister that employers will be able to share with their teams that those EU nationals currently working in the UK today will be allowed to stay.

“First and foremost, this will provide peace of mind and stability for EU workers making a valuable contribution to the UK. Many of our teams have been uncertain about their futures and this announcement will allow them to begin planning to remain in the UK with a clear and unambiguous offer that, if they are here when Brexit happens, then they can stay.”

She continued: “The Prime Minister’s confirmation that the process of applying will remain low cost is equally important. It is crucial for both EU migrants and employers, that we have a system in place that is easy to manage, is a notification rather than a complicated application, and is affordable.”

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