7 checks you must make on your hotels Youtube channel

We’ve spoken already about ways in which you can make more use of your hotels YouTube channel. But in this article we want to provide a quick checklist of items you must check on your hotels YouTube channel. If you’re making use of a digital marketing specialist and they’re managing the channel on your behalf then chances are they’ll have covered these already (at least they should have!) If not, here are the checks to carry out:

1. Is a custom URL being used?

Your YouTube channel by default will be a string of random characters. You can instead change this to something more relevant, such as the name of your hotel. This makes the page  look more professional, and may help with the pages SEO score too. It will definitely help other users find the YouTube channel when searching within the video network.

Here’s how to change your URL

2. Is your page connected with Google Plus?

This is a bit of a tricky one to diagnose and fix, and many hotels will have issues with this – we’ve helped a lot to get the problem resolved, by communicating with Google support, but it’s not something we ever enjoy. A quick way to check if your Google Plus page is linked is by going to your hotels Google Plus page and checking if its showing a Video tab (which is the default for non-connected accounts) or if this is showing YouTube tab. If it shows YouTube, and the videos below are from your channel, then great. If it shows Video then you need so take some steps to fix it.
Get in touch with us here if you’d like us to diagnose and resolve your issue.

3. Have you disabled adverts on your channel?

If you don’t disable the option for advertisers to target your channel (which is enabled by default) then your Youtube channel videos are likely going to have pre-roll video ads running on them. This at best isn’t very professional, and at worst can actually be used by other hotels (or companies) as a targeted placement. You wouldn’t want an immoral hotel advertiser to target your channel to promote their rival hotel, would you?…

4. Did you verify the account and enable any relevant features?

You can verify your YouTUbe account to unlock some additional features on the channel. This is an easy fix, and just involves calling an automated Google number and punching in a code. This step can help to prove your channel is run by a real person, which should help with your channel quality score.

5. Is your about / contact info filled in?

Under all YouTube channels you will find an About tab, with a text description and contact details. You should fill in the description with unique text describing your hotel and your channel. This section is great for SEO so you should think carefully about using it. You can also enter an email for business enquiries, which is thankfully hidden from spammers. It’s a bit unlikely you’ll get many enquiries in this way but it doesn’t help to use it.

6. Have you included your hotel link and social networks?

It’s worth making sure you’ve added all the links that you’re enabled to on your channel homepage. This is a line of icons that get displayed beneath your cover photo, and is a great area to show social media links – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. A nice icon is displayed matched to the social networks you include, so it helps improve the appearance of your channel. There could be SEO benefit from including the link to your site and your networks too.

7. Did you include good quality display and cover photos?

We’re ending on probably the most obvious check here but it’s imperative that you include a good quality profile photo and a cover photo on your channel. Profile photo is usually best to just be your hotel brand logo – because its a small square size, your logo should resize well in this space. The cover photo on the other hand is a bit trickier, and is of such huge dimensions too. The automatic cropping of this image can be a bit tricky too – cover photos are a huge rectangle because this full image is used on TV devices. On desktop/laptop the centre section of this image is displayed, so you have to ensure the centre section of the uploaded cover photo is appropriate – this will be displayed on most devices after all. The mobile version will just be a scaled down version of this image. Take a look at our template below for a rough guide, and ensure you check the latest YouTube help page as they sometimes update dimensions.

Hopefully the above checks will help you to make the most out of your hotels YouTube channel, and don’t forget if you would like some additional help with your hotels video marketing strategy then you can get in touch with us – we’d love to help.

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