5 reasons why your hotel needs a PPC strategy

There are many reasons as to why a hotel needs a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy, and if you don’t already have one running then there’s no better time than the present. In this article we’ll take a look at 5 very good reasons why you need a PPC strategy. There will be a lot more, we’re just focusing on these points. As ever, if you feel we’ve overlooked any important points just leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

1. More Revenue for your hotel

You have to spend money to make money, and this is key in PPC. If your hotel is not investing in any kind of PPC campaigns, be it in Google, Bing, or elsewhere, then you’re missing out on additional online bookings. Try Googling your hotel name – there’s bound to be others “bidding” on your hotel name already, and selling your rooms through their own channels, which leads us to point 2…

2. Claw back more Online Bookings

If after searching for your hotel you see some OTA’s bidding on your hotel name, and selling your rooms through their site, then they’re taking direct business away from you. Why let them do this, when they charge such a high commission on sales they make – when instead you can bid on your own hotel brand name, as a form of brand-protection, and then sell the rooms yourself on your own website.
If your hotel is concerned at the split of direct sales vs OTA’s then starting a brand name PPC campaign is a great place to begin.

3. Without strategy, you’re spending blindly

We really don’t recommend setting up PPC campaigns internally, unless you have someone who’s a certified Google Partner, or is really comfortable setting up and managing PPC campaigns. It can be a really expensive mistake to make if you don’t – the wrong setup can mean huge spends, with no actual end result (apart from a spike of irrelevant traffic to your site – and that’s if they got at least part of the setup correct!).
A strategy can be as simple as deciding how much money to allocate on a monthly basis, which markets to target and which search terms to target. We recommend that all hotels bid on their brand name, unless they have good reason not to do so, and put approximately 10% (to start with) towards non-brand terms. Non-brand terms are things like “4 star hotel in location” or “hotel near landmark” – obviously replace location with your hotel location, and then landmark with a nearby landmark. Non-brand is where you try to grow your sales online, by targeting more competitive (and so more expensive) search-phrases, for when the customer is in the initial research phase of their booking.

5. A strategy implies you have some kind of key targets

If you don’t have a PPC strategy in place then it sounds as if you’re just doing PPC for the sake of it, to keep up with your rivals or to just stay active in digital marketing. But it’s not enough to simply have it running, you do really need a strategy. You need to decide on goals, or targets, for each quarter, and you need to spend time planning how you’ll achieve these objectives. It could be as simple as “to grow our number of direct bookings by 10% vs Q1 of last year”. Then you can break this down by taking your website conversion rate in Q1 of last year, and calculating how much extra traffic you’d need to approximately hit 10% extra sales. Then you’ll have a qualified number of extra visits required to your site, which will allow you to approximtely calculate the investment in PPC required (eg looking at the typical cost-per-click (CPC) from your PPC campaigns).

Hopefully now you’ll feel more obliged to invest your time into developing a PPC strategy for your hotel. If this is something you’d like to discuss with the Hotel Marketer, we’d be more than happy to help. We’re also happy to carry out PPC campaign audits, to review how your running things at present. Just send us a message to arrange a consultation.

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