5 Questions you should be asking your hotels digital marketing agency in 2016

By all accounts 2016 is going to be another huge year in digital marketing for hotels. Let us take a look at 5 questions that you should be asking your hotels digital marketing manager (be it an external agency, or someone else).

1. Are all of the pages on my website 100% responsive?

If you’ve not checked this one already then you must have been sleeping for the past few months – Google is now actively preferring sites in their mobile search results which are mobile-friendly, so if you’re website isn’t already responsive then 2016 is definitely the year to fix that.

2. What does my Content Strategy look like for the year ahead?

Content marketing will be a big industry in 2016 for hotels, and making a content marketing plan and strategy is a must for any business that’s interested in growing their traffic and generating more revenue. Content marketing is really the art of creating very interesting, highly relevant content and using it to benefit your business – either by posting regularly on your blog, posting on other resources (guest blogging for example), releasing info through press releases, infographics, or anything else that somehow represents content. Planning ahead for 2016 ensures that you have a guideline and strategy to follow.

3. What does my Social Media strategy look like in 2016?

Following on from Content marketing above, your hotels social media strategy should have already been set-up and be in use already. Without a plan of releasing tweets, facebook posts, infographic images and so forth, your hotel could really struggle to maintain a presence on social media. Making a plan and utilising a strategy, setting up and scheduling posts for the year ahead will really save you time. Ensuring that you’re visible on the right platforms which are relevant to your hotel brand will be of great importance in 2016!

4. Are we making sure we’ve included video content in our plans?

Video content will grow even more in 2016 and so hotels will need to be ready and armed with great, striking visual content to be shared as and when needed. Timelapse videos and other such content does great as marketing material, and if you employ the use of video specialists you’ll likely see a huge boost socially and through SEO in the long-run.

5. Do we have newsletters scheduled for the year ahead?

Working with your digital marketing agency you should be able to plan ahead for just about everything – social media, content marketing, and now email marketing. With scheduled newsletters, ready to go live at specific key travel dates during the year (such-as before Easter Holidays, before Valentines day, the Summer holidays, and so forth) you will save yourself buckets of time. Ensuring the newsletters reflect the tone of the time of year, and include those relevant room offers and special packages will ensure the newsletters get a great up lift. With all the buzz around social media these days, it’s important not to forget your bread and butters – e.g. your hotel newsletter!

Have we missed anything else you feel is important to you and your hotel in 2016? We’d welcome any feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below. If you’d like the Hotel Marketer to work with you on any of the above elements, you still have time, so just send us a message today.

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