5 Ideas for Segmenting Your Database

There are certain things we know to be true when it comes to email marketing. For one, segmented campaigns achieve way higher open and click-thru rates than non-segmented campaigns. In fact, according to a 2017 study by MailChimp, segmented campaigns saw a 14.3% higher open rate and a 100.95% higher click-thru rate than non-segmented campaigns.

With the release of our new Segment Builder, we have seen lots of creative ways that our customers have been segmenting their database to send more targeted, relevant campaigns and we wanted to share with you some of the best examples here.

#1 Campaign: Extend Your Stay

Segment: Check-Out Day

The Dutch Hotel in Amsterdam encouraged guests to extend their stay by one night with this eye-catching campaign.

#2 Campaign: Weekly Update

Segment: Check in and Check out dates

The Hotel Emma in San Antonio, Texas updated their incoming guests on all of the fun festivities they have planned for during their stay.

#3 Campaign: Winback

Segment: Geography, Market, Rate Code

The Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia wanted their local guests to feel extra special with this exclusive winback incentive created just for them.

#4 Campaign: 4th of July Holiday

Segment: Reservations with Children vs Reservations without Children

Blockade Runner Beach Resort in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina made sure the right message got in front of the right audience by dividing their database into reservations with children ad reservations without children.

#5 Campaign: Summer Flash Sale

Segment: No Future Guests, Within 500 Mile radius

Mountain View Resort Grand Resort in Whitefield, New Hampshire limited their flash sale on July stay dates to those living within 500 miles of their property.

For suggestions on how you might want to segment your database, please reach out to our Technical Account Managers at tam@revinate.com

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