5 Ideas for hotel blog posts in Spring

If you haven’t already recognised the benefit of using a blog on your hotel website, you may want to take a look at my earlier article on the top reasons why your hotel needs a blog. Hopefully you’re already aware of these benefits, and are just looking for some more specific blog ideas for Spring.

At this time of year its easy to write about Spring because there are various different angles you can approach the subject from. Each way will really depend on the brand and general vibe of your hotel, so you should really make sure you style your posts in a manner which relates to your hotel – to do this you should try to ensure a member of your staff writes the posts, and ask them to try and picture their typical customer whilst they write the post too.

Here’s our list of 3 ideas of blog posts to write in Spring

1. Nature

Everybody loves to see Snowdrops or spring bulbs beginning to shoot, symbolising the end of Winter and the start of Spring. You can find some great photos of this kind of imagery online, if you’re not willing to go to your local park to find and take your own photos (which I’d always recommend over using online / stock photographs).
So then you have your subject, but how can you go about working this into an interesting and relevant blog post. One way you could do so is to write about local attractions where other visitors can enjoy these flowers. Maybe there’s a local park within walking distance from the hotel, or another area of outstanding natural beauty which would look special at this time of year. The blog post could be “Top 3 places to enjoy Spring in location name”.

Benefits of this type of post is that its a really subjective topic, and you can be sure that the locals would love to get involved and give their feedback. If your blog uses comments then these should get filled by others giving advice on places to go or things to see. Being a popular subject means it should be shared socially too, building interest in the post and increasing the exposure of your hotel blog and brand. And to top things off, if you’re recommending another tourist attraction, it’s likely they may return the favour one day; by recommending your hotel to visitors, by sharing your post on their social media channels, or by some other kind of knock-on effect. Building up your relationship with other local businesses online can’t be a bad thing after all.

2. Easter

A bit of an obvious one here, but a post about Easter is always going to work at this time of year. Your hotels difficulty would lie in relating this to a relevant activity, but if your hotel is running some kind of events at Easter then this should be fine. Perhaps you will have an Easter egg hunt for children, if so this is a post you could write about simply giving information and details of the day. This could then be made into a press release, increasing your exposure in the local press – this can have positive effects online too, as many local papers still have digital versions which can link to your website (and even a mention of the hotel name can be enough of a signal for Google etc).

If you have an Easter offer for guests this time of year then a blog post can be a good place to write about the deal, and to then link to the relevant booking page. This can be shared on social media channels, and used in email newsletters too.

If you’re feeling adventurous with your website you could even run a Facebook competition, whereby on a specific day you will “hide” an Easter egg somewhere on your website, with the winner being the first to comment with the page URL on their Facebook profile. This gets more people on to your site, and builds shares / links to your site too, which can also help with SEO.

3. Summer breaks / offers

The final idea for something to post about during Spring is to talk about summer breaks and deals. It may sound a bit strange to post about this during Spring (Winter has only just ended after all), but this is a popular time of year for people planning their summer breaks, so you need to get in their early with any tempting deals or offers. Newsletters are probably the best place to promote the offer, but this could point to the blog post on the website to provide further information.

Because blog posts can take a little while to get crawled and indexed by search engines, it can be worthwhile getting these posts online with plenty of time to spare so you can post about a Summer subject in Spring and so on,, giving plenty of time for the article to get picked up. As you can see there are plenty of ideas to write about, each of which will depend on the style of your hotel. Later in this series we’ll be looking at ways to judge how effective a blog post has been, to find out whether it’s been a useful investment of your time or not.

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