4 ways to grow your hotels number of facebook fans

First of all, it’s utterly important that you realise that the point of Facebook isn’t to be the hotel with the largest number of likes. Okay sure, this is a good indicator that your hotel is probably doing things the right way, when you’re in the thousands (depending on your hotel size), but likes on their own don’t really count for much.

The same can be said of website visitors. If your site is getting millions of hits on a monthly basis, that’s irrelevant really unless they’re resulting in a large percentage of bookings, and so are generating healthy revenue figures for your hotel.

With Facebook, far too many businesses were fixated on their number of likes. And any company can start posting “likeable” content onto their page, but eventually you’re going to want to see some traction in terms of revenue or some other Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Since Facebook updated its Newsfeed algorithm, it’s become more and more difficult for posts to be displayed in users Newsfeeds. And this is an understandable issue that Facebook have had to deal with; as the average person likes more and more pages, they simply wouldn’t be able to cope with a newsfeed that contained updates from every page they’ve ever liked. People would soon tire of using Facebook, and they’d feel overwhelmed by the number of posts they have to catch up on – when the focus is more likely to be friend-orientated instead.

That being said, here are 4 ways your hotel can look to grow their number of RELEVANT Facebook likes;

1 – Offer some kind of offer or discount to those users who have liked the hotels Facebook page. A discount in the bar or restaurant, or a late check-out, might not cost your hotel much to offer, so consider trailing this as part of your Facebook strategy.

2. Run a Facebook competition. Be careful here as there seems to be quite a few hotels happy to push the boundaries when it comes to the rules and regulations of competitions on this social network. Check to ensure you’re following any guidelines or risk having your page shut-down. Offering a free night at the hotel for one lucky person could be enough to reap a lot of likes / shares, so this could be worth a go.

3. Ensure there’s an easy way to like you within the hotel. You can try using a QR code within the hotel rooms promoting your guests to scan to like them on Facebook, or perhaps just including the Facebook URL more prominently within your premises or on your website can help bundles.

4.Go Nuclear: the WiFi option. Some clever businesses (cafes especially) realise the importance of WiFi to the mobile traveller. They’ve been a bit cheeky and have set their WiFi connection so in order to connect, you have to like their page on Facebook. Sure you might frustrate some guests by using this tactic, but why not give it a go – many people are happy to like the property they’re staying in, so it could reap benefits. You could trial it in the lobby area, or a bar area, and turn off this forced-like option within your guests rooms.

Hopefully now you’ll feel more informed about the various ways in which you can go about growing the number of likes to your hotels Facebook page. Just remember, likes aren’t everything – make sure they’re relevant and from quality sources; you should never pay for likes either, that has to be the ultimate social media sin!

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