3 Easy Ways a Hotel can Find and Target Influential Bloggers

As someone interested in online marketing and increasing the reach of your hotel on the Internet, it’s likely that you’ve considered the use of content-marketing at one point or another. As difficult as it may seem, and as time-engaging as it can be, it’s definitely worth doing if you’re keen to improve your websites organic reach, and to make more of an impact socially.

One way in which a hotel can get a head start and “outsource” this type of work is by targeting key, influential bloggers in important markets, whom may be willing to review your property in exchange for a mention on their blog. This is quite a commonly used tactic online, and although Google have publicly frowned upon the act, they state that it’s permitted as long as the blog in question makes clear the relationship between itself and the hotel – here’s a link for more info from the Moz blog on sponsored content (https://moz.com/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-sponsored-content).

So how can your hotel go about finding influential bloggers? Here is the Hotel Marketers 3 top tips.

1. Klout social search

Klout is a really powerful social tool that allows you to search for people and rank them based on their “Klout” score, which is supposedly a measure of their social ranking. Users with a high rating are apparently those with more power to influence others socially, with their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and other such factors being part of the algorithm which gives them a Klout score. It’s seen as many as a vanity tool for social users, but it can be very helpful when it comes to finding powerful users to target.
Not all users on Klout are going to be bloggers, but it wouldn’t be hard to check if they’re connected to a blog or not by viewing their Klout profile and checking their website links.
As a hotel it’s likely that you’re going to want to target people in a specific geographic region, targeting a blogger in this city or country. Once you’ve found a few candidates (we’d recommend a shortlist of 10 or so), you can then go about approaching them. An email might be all it requires to tempt them into a free stay at your hotel, but you may also want to try getting their attention socially first (wouldn’t recommend using your hotels social media account for this though) before contacting them directly.

2. Manually through the Search Engines

Bit of an obvious one here but it’s likely to be the most profitable resource when it comes to this task. We’ve included it here because it may be tricky figuring out exactly what you’re searching for. The search query “Influential blogger” isn’t really going to help you out that much. A better alternative, if you’re based in London for example, would be “food blogs London”, “London travel blog”, “blogs about London” and such like. The type of hotel you are, and your overall objectives from this are going to influence the search you might like to do – if you’re trying to grow your organic rank for “hotel near Twickenham stadium” then you may be best searching for “Rugby blogs” to try and find a suitable blog to target. Then it would be a case of filtering through these to find those blogs which don’t just talk about Rugby news, but which also talk about travelling to stadiums and suchlike. You can then use some SEO tools like Majestic to review the “authority” of the blog domain – a great indicator as to whether the link is going to benefit you much in the eyes of Google and co.

3. Via the Hotel Marketer

Not ones to turn down the opportunity for a bit of self-promotion (you are on the Hotel Marketer blog after-all!), we’d be more than happy to take the hassle out of searching out for influential bloggers to target as part of your SEO strategy. This is something we’ve got buckets of experience with, and within a few hours we’d be able to provide you with a hit-list of blogs that could really help to give your hotel website a much-needed organic boost. All that leaves you to do is the art of tempting them into a free, all-inclusive stay at your hotel – which can’t be too difficult can it?


Whichever method you choose for finding a blogger to target as part of your hotel promotion and SEO, just ensure that you have clear objectives before you start. Find out exactly what it is you want to achieve from this (is their a particular area in which your website is struggling organically?) and adapt your strategy to suit. There’s obviously quite a lot to consider when attempting this type of approach, so be wary and use this technique with caution; no-one’s going to be too impressed when a blog is obviously participating in paid-promotion, so tread carefully!

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