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White Paper Download: Beyond Business & Leisure

Capitalize on New Travel Trends When communicating with your customer, are you still thinking in terms of business and leisure? Family vacation and professional conferences? It’s time to move ahead and understand new travel trends beyond business and leisure. Leading the charge past the binary travel categories of business and leisure are the millennial age group. Millennials spend more money traveling and travel more often than older generations. In this white paper, we share some of the newest travel trends and how you can reach these travelers online. From training your front desk staff to building social media content, here


Increase Hotel SEO with a Blog

Why Should Hotels Have a Blog? A blog provides helpful information to travelers making booking decisions. Plus, blog content also helps Google and other search engines find your website. Find out more below. Help Travelers Make Booking Decisions Blogs provide an area to publish content that complements your website. While you already have pages that give an overview of your hotel, a blog can go into much more detail. It can explain exactly what is included in your hot breakfast, what time the pool is open, and where the best nearby restaurant is. More information can help a traveler feel


Blog Ideas for Hotel Websites

Boost Your Hotel Marketing Strategy with These Blog Ideas When faced with a blank blog page, it can be intimidating to come up with content. By making a content plan ahead of time, you can craft blog posts to attract travelers and build


How to Start a New TripAdvisor Business Listing

How do I start a new TripAdvisor business listing? Many hoteliers ask us how they can get a new TripAdvisor business listing. They aren’t happy with their existing profile and the reviews on it and want to completely erase the past and start fresh. It can be frustrating to have a profile bogged down with bad reviews when you’re actively working on fixing your reputation. Before you throw in the towel completely, remember that one of the biggest factors affecting your TripAdvisor ranking is review recency. The newer the review, the more weight it has in your popularity ranking. To


Delete Your TripAdvisor Business Account

Do you ever just want to delete your hotel from TripAdvisor? Occasionally, a business owner feels that the number of bad reviews they have received is too detrimental to their hotel. Or, they just don’t have time to respond to the reviews. Especially when it comes to 1- and 2-star hotels, it can seem like people are just expecting too much for the price they’re paying. We’re here to help you when you just want to delete your TripAdvisor page. How to Delete a TripAdvisor Business Account We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but you can’t


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