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Why Restaurants Need To Add Mobile To The Menu

As the iPhone recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, we’ve come to realize how important mobile has become in our everyday lives. This is particularly true in the travel and hospitality sphere, and restaurants are no different. In fact, they are probably one of the most impacted by this on-the-move, always-on consumer behavior we are seeing nowadays. The folks at BiznessApps came up with this brilliant infographic highlighting 12 reasons why restaurants ought to embrace the mobile reality in their everyday business practice. Here are some key stats to bear in mind: From 2016 to 2017, mobile payments are expected to


How food delivery services are moving into airports

Image credit: Shutterstock Queues at airport restaurants and food outlets are a common sight, especially at peak travel times, as transport hubs around the world deal with surging numbers of travelers. In response, a new batch of pick-up and delivery services has arrived on the scene to offer time-poor passengers an alternative to holding out for on-board plane food. In the US, two recently launched services, AirportSherpa and AtYourGate, deliver food and other retail items directly to passengers at their gate. Another similar offering, Grab, is slightly more established, operating at airports across the US and at London’s Heathrow. The


What do guests want from a modern city hotel?

Image credit: Shutterstock If you flip through your grandparents’ old photo albums, you’ll notice that their vacation pictures look very different to yours. While they may have captured the moment they sat down for a themed dinner in a hotel restaurant, your snapshots are more likely to show off your best food truck finds. It’s just one of the many ways that travel and tourism have changed in recent decades. To keep up with those modern trends and preferences, hotels must identify new ways to keep guests checking in year after year. “What guests want during their hotel stay is


Being a good boss

Given the frequently demanding nature of working in a hotel or restaurant, you would think employees, given the privacy of an anonymous survey, might have a disparaging comment or two to make about their boss. Stress, long hours, and guest complaints make up a perfect recipe finding work heavy going, and therefore, for thinking your manager is a tyrant, right? Well not according to a study conducted by One4all, a company that helps business owners find ways to reward and incentivise their staff. It found from a sample of 1,024 UK employees, leisure and travel bosses – such as those


Can Saudi Arabia build a popular tourist destination?

Image credit: Shutterstock Image credit: Shutterstock Tourism in the Middle East has long been dominated by the high-end resorts in Dubai, Egypt and Jordan yet they could soon have a new challenger in their midst. Saudi Arabia is turning its attention to tourism and entertainment as it seeks to not only reposition its economy but also meet a pent-up demand for greater leisure options within its own population. The Saudi government is thinking big. Plans are afoot for a luxury tourist area bigger than Belgium and stretching across 50 islands on the Red Sea coastline, which is mooted to open

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