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How to increase profitability with the right merchant services

Saving money is paramount in any business no matter how big or small. Tiny, effortless adjustments such as regular contract renewals can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds over a matter of years. Let’s face it, no business owner likes to ‘waste’ potential profits. Here we will look at two adjustments that can not only save you money, but generate more profit for your hotel business. Switching merchant accounts Although switching merchant accounts can seem like a mammoth task, the benefits will far outweigh the effort required to get your account in order. Merchant account providers make their money


How texting can provide great customer service to hotel guests

The hotel industry is competitive. When you want to provide the best customer service possible, it’s time to implement SMS alerts for hotels into your marketing strategy. You will be able to reach your guests no matter where they are through text messaging. Opening up this line of communication makes for fast, efficient communication whether your hotel guests are out by the pool enjoying a drink or shopping in the middle of town. Great customer service matters, and it’s time to use text messaging to help your guests. Let Guests Know About Local and Onsite Events There are a number


4 awesome things business owners have achieved with alternative finance

Growing your business is one of the most exciting, yet challenging, things an entrepreneur will ever do. But when a business loan application is rejected, this can put a massive road block on expansion and growth plans. Alternatively, being too afraid to take out business finance either due to a poor credit score or fear of repayments can be just as limiting. Luckily, in either case, there are still ways to get expansion plans off the ground and achieve that brilliant idea plus increased turnover. Here are four daring entrepreneurs who turned rejection from a bank around and achieved great


Five tips to boost your corporate and group bookings

Hotel management is indeed a tricky job and requires hoteliers to don multiple hats to take various decisions. Every guest is unique and has set expectations to be fulfilled. While the leisure travellers often tend to grab the most attention and enjoy a larger share of the pie, corporate and group bookings are sometimes an overlooked factor. Travel agents responsible for organising group bookings or firms that send a steady flow of business travellers take time to evaluate their needs. Unlike the leisure traveler, agents or representatives coordinate with various hotels to crack the best deals for their clients. Guest


Recycling techniques for a developing Europe

Current research has suggested that Europe is not recycling and reusing enough of the plastic that it produces as a whole. Only 50% of Europe’s total usable plastics are sent to recycling plants to be used in the future, which means that another 50% is being sent to landfill sites all across Europe and the UK. However, it is important to note the rest of the world is just as guilty as Europe. Across the rest of the world, between 22% and 43% of all plastics are sent to be recycled. However, attitudes towards plastic waste and how it should

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